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business and making it the focus, elsewhere they are cutting about 6000 jobs in defense and space units. putting the companies together was a 292 million euros charge for that. -- it was a wide range of forecasted numbers. >> we will catch you again at the end of the show. don't miss our interview with the airbus group and cfo harald wilhelm. still with us is stuart richardson. he is the cio -- thanks for staying with us. talk to me about 2014. you cautioned that china could be the great unknown for us. quantitative eating -- easing is changing. where do i want to be an ambassador? equities, credit, government bonds, trade foreign exchange, how do i look at 2014? be you have told look at this year as very different from last year. the u.s. has been another upside surprise. in terms of equities, let's go where the money is printing. we know japan will carry on printing, they may up the scale of printing later this year, maybe not in the short-term performance but japan for the rest of the year we think is good. we are looking for u.s. and europe to fall into a trade arrangement at the mo
it has moved a long way. it looks like they are defensive on the assets, that is for sure. i think places like south africa are still very vulnerable and you may find that people who have to take money off the table in the ukraine and russia have to go to south africa, as well. these are the places. >> what is your take on india? >> yes. i think that india is a binary political story and it is increasingly likely that it comes true. a will see a little bit of run in the elections and some more modesty after the election. india. issues do not entirely related to monetary policy and i think that the issues are political leadership issues and what happens to the labor market and the fiscal side. we are concerned and we think the growth inflation makes is worse. structurally, it is a good question and i do not think the election answers these questions. >> this is something that investors should be wary of? >> there is a tactical opportunity and the market will get excited about the elections. there will be more questions i have often mission about the elections before too long. >> talk about
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2